Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

COMMIX: new Resident Advisor Mix !!

"Most people would expect a deep, dark minimalistic Head'z set from our beloved Cambridge boys.

The drum and bass duo flip the script and provide an hour of house and techno.

House and techno probably aren't what you expect when you see the word Commix. But George Levings and Guy Brewer have been full of surprises of late, not least of which was the commissioning of a remix album of their massive drum & bass full-length Call to Mind which found Kassem Mosse, Underground Resistance and Marcel Dettmann rubbing shoulders with drum & bass stalwarts Instra:mental and dBridge. As Levings recently put it, "We didn't want an album that had anything too insular, too samey. We wanted it to tell a journey through different genres of music."

Levings and Brewer have long attempted to stretch the boundaries of the oft-insular drum & bass world. Just listen to their versatile Fabric.Live 44 mix or "Japanese Electronics," the "luscious precursor to today's '80-fetishising Tetris-step" (as RA's Max Bacharach poetically called it last week). On this hefty hour-long mix, the duo do it again, taking you through some of their favorite tunes of the 4/4 persuasion." via residentadvisor

Check out pure deepness by COMMIX!!

and dance different.

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